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Image by Colin Lloyd



The Luminous Champagne is specially designed to present Richard Bavion Champagne in the dark as it deserves. For nightlife, the most exclusive parties and galas around the world. Elegance and design, paired with the best quality in wine making makes this champagne with the luminous label globally unique and very exclusive!

The Luminous Label brings light into the dark - whether in clubs, at festivals, or at parties at home! At a push of a button on the bottom of the bottle, the label starts to glow in a mystic green color that stands for the champagne’s green vineyards. Attention is guaranteed!

With a total lighting time of up to six hours, the LED luminous label can be switched on and off at any time. Of course, the label is water-resistant - so that the bottle doesn't turn off at the ice bucket. No question, the bottle is a rarity!



There are priceless moments in every night. Lots of positive energy, excitement, vibrant bass, fast and slow beats, humanity and bright lights. Richard Bavion designed an illuminated champagne bottle as a tribute to nightlife - to make the night and the emotions even brighter with the special Luminous Champagne! 

Together with well known artists, Richard Bavion organizes parties and concerts in some of the best clubs in the world to represent the exclusive merger between the nightlife industry and Richard Bavion. The glamorous Luminous Champagne is not just the bottle with the luminous label, it is the bottle that stands for all those goosebumps moments in an exclusive nightlife!

Experience the unique fusion of music and dance paired with the luxurious flair and full flavor that Richard Bavion stands for. Every event is unique, lively and exciting: let us take you on a journey.

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