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Richard Bavion stands for sustainable products that impress with the highest quality, the greatest possible enjoyment and exceptional flavors. Bavion is driven by a passion for innovation, perfection, sport and nature. Our ultimate goal is to develop unique products that combine luxury, elegance and sustainability. Our growth is synonymous with giving something back to nature. Experience the boundless 'World of Richard Bavion'.

There are priceless moments in every night. Lots of positive energy, excitement, vibrant bass, fast and slow beats, humanity and bright lights. Richard Bavion designed an illuminated champagne bottle as a tribute to nightlife - to make the night and the emotions even brighter with the special Luminous Champagne

Together with well known artists, Richard Bavion organizes parties and concerts in some of the best clubs in the world to represent the exclusive merger between the nightlife industry and Richard Bavion. The glamorous Luminous Champagne is not just the bottle with the luminous label, it is the bottle that stands for all those goosebumps moments in an exclusive nightlife! Experience the unique fusion of music and dance paired with the luxurious flair and full flavor that Richard Bavion stands for. Every event is unique, lively and exciting: let us take you on a journey.


Elegant, dynamic and precise - for Bavion, the fascinating world of tennis and the luxurious world of products complement each other perfectly. Opening a bottle of Richard Bavion is reminiscent of the thrilling moment when the first player serves at 180 km/h on the tennis court. The thrill of fighting for the last point in the tie-break is like the tingling of the perlage on the palate. It is these moments that enliven our senses and remain unforgettable - until the winner is finally crowned and the last drop is drunk with relish.


Bavion passionately supports the sport of tennis. Our commitment ranges from promoting promising young talents to sponsoring established athletes and sports clubs. To further promote the growth of this outstanding sport, we are involved in national and international competitions.


Outstanding champagne needs healthy seasons. At Richard Bavion, we love nature. We need nature. And nature needs our full support.


In addition to our sustainably cultivated vines, hand-picked grapes and low-emission, chemical-free production, we donate a portion of our proceeds to charitable organizations that are committed to a more sustainable future. In this way, we want to make a contribution and make our world a greener place.  We also plan to invest a percentage in the conservation of rare animal species.


Tennis Cooperation



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